Andrea Mossetto

Andrea MossettoSenior Investment Specialist

Andrea Mossetto is a THEAM Investment Specialist and permanent member of THEAM Model Driven Cross Asset Investment Committee since February 2014.

  • Responsible for commercialising THEAM multi asset capabilities to institutions and distributors worldwide by directly meeting and pitching clients as well as resposnible for all THEAM commercial reations towards Italian clients (Institutional, internal and external distribution channels)
  • Developing bespoke proposals and acting like a lynchpin between the investment team and the rest of the organization
  • Training for sales and marketing as well as promoting the team’s range of expertise both internally and externally through publications and press articles

During the three last years, Andrea co-managed Parvest Diversified Dynamic and contributed to the performance of Global Macro Absolute Return strategy within the THEAM “Absolute Return Management and Guaranteed Active” team.
Portfolio manager of the BNPP 4Italy funds range, that raised EUR 1,6 bn, he was recognized by Lipper for the quality of his management in 2013 (BNPP 4Italy, best rated fund in the Absolute Return EUR Medium category for its 3 and 5 Y performance) and in 2014 (BNPP 4Italy best rated fund in the Alternative Multi-Strategies category for its 3 Y performance).
Previously, he worked three years as structureur de produits derives in the SIGMA Team of BNPP IP and contributed to the origination, financial arrangement and legal set up of the guaranteed and protected offer of BNPP IP.
He joined BNPP IP in 2007 as Guaranteed Structured Products and Multi-Alpha Investment Specialist.

He is graduated from ESCP EUROPE (European Master in Management, Financial Degree, 2006), London City University (“Master of Science”, 2005) and Laurea Specialistica dell’Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy (in Economics and Business Administration, 2007)