Biodiversity – life’s guarantor – is under threat

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The most prominent scientists are sounding the alarm: the loss of biodiversity, a hidden and insidious scourge, is becoming a source of concern, threatening our ecosystems.

Based on their analysis of fossils of various origins, experts have reason to believe that under the worst possible natural conditions, two species out of 10 000 become extinct every 100 years. But since 1900, 100 species out of 10 000 have disappeared. To put this into perspective, in about 100 years, 468 species have been wiped out. And the pace has picked up in recent years. For example, more than 100 amphibian species out of about 7 300 have vanished since 1980. And these figures are very likely to be underestimations.

Such extinction rates are unprecedented in human history and are extremely rare in the history of the Earth. By looking more closely at these results, we can see that the Earth appears to be seeing its sixth mass extinction and if nothing is done, within the next three generations (i.e. in about 75 years), mankind will have destroyed such a mass of biodiversity that its own survival could be threatened. The consequences will be irreversible as it takes hundreds of thousands of years for the living world to recreate diversity after such mass extinctions. To prevent such a disaster, rapid and dogged efforts will be required if we hope to protect the world’s threatened species.

Such efforts include respecting habitats, combating climate change and ending the over-exploitation of natural resources. It is precisely in companies whose activities are helping to achieve these goals that BNP Paribas Investment Partners funds invest.

“Biodiversity starts in the distant past and it points toward the future.”

Frans Lanting, Dutch wildlife photographer

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Alexandre Jeanblanc

Investment Specialist, SRI

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